Recently, in my office many friends of mine are using Line for communication (socmed tools). We also created a group where we can discuss many things, from the daily activities in office (especially some of us are involved in very busy project) and sometimes spread rumours (which some of them became reality) ;-P

In the first time, I'm using Line just for additional socmed tool since I connected too many socmed. But apparently, I'm quite interesting with this app especially Line has many funny stickers. Some of stickers are really funny and it make me want to download them.

Unfortunately, some of Free Line stickers not available here. Since dollar was rising up, it is getting tough and 'hard' to buy stickers. So, I'm looking for the way to get funny and FREE Line stickers.

Some of my friends tried and did some experiments that they got from internet. I tried their way and it worked!

I created the tutorial to get FREE Line stickers here. You can download the tutorial here.

Note: some actions you must do following steps:
2. Register your email for your Line account. Go to Settings - Accounts - Email Account Registration
3. From your android, go to Setting - Apps - find Line application. Tap it
4. Tap "Force Stop" and tap "Clear data"
5. Open your Line application, login with your email address
6. Connect with facebook account
7. Download my tutorial and follow the instructions
8. Good luck!

Moral story:
- sharing is fun!

- free things are also fun! ;-)