Couple days ago, I wrote an article about GPS problem in my Samsung Galaxy (sorry, it is in Bahasa Indonesia). I used this feature recently so for 2 years (since I had it) I never care about this feature so I never know there was a GPS problem in my SG.

In my previous article, I knew there was GPS problem in my SG after I installed waze. Almost a week, I tried to find out how to solve this problem.

The solutions that were offered and provided by many SG-ers still couldn't close my problem eventhough I upgraded my SG os, from Froyo to Gingerbread. The changes is only in battery. For GPS, there was still problem, so I think to buy a new android smartphone to solve this problem.

I also installed some utilities that were suggested for solving the problem. Still didn't work. The worst thing is the *#*#3214987650#*#* not work any longer when I dial. The SG GPS is still in 'silent' mode.

Today I talked with one of my engineer (Adhitya A) and told him about the problem. He had the same problem with his previous android. He gave me a file, gps.conf.txt and told me to put it in the main directory of my SG.

I copied it and when I activate my waze, VOILAAAAA....THE SG GPS IS 'TALKING' now! :-)

So, the key is the gps.conf.txt. You can create that file and write these codes:

Save the file as gps.conf.txt (check the pic above) and copy it into main directory of your SG (or others). In my SG, I copied it at (.../sdcard).

Hope it works! :-)

Moral of story:

- there is always solution from every problem. sometimes it comes from your close friend. :-))