A new gadget has been released for you, a person who need advanced technology such as provide quadband, light weight, HSDPA, Camera, Media Player, and many more. Well, actually you can find many brands which provide those, but I will introduce you with Samsung Pixon12, a new product from Samsung. As you know, Samsung always provides latest technology in their latest gadgets.

In Samsung Pixon12, you can find and use many features. One of best features is the camera. You will find 12 megapixel camera was installed there. With that camera, you can take a pic with a great result. Much detail from object can be taken 12 mega pixel camera. You will also can print the pic in a huge paper.

Samsung Pixon12 also provides a GPS technology, which become 'a must have' technology installed in recent gadgets. This GPS will usefull when you must travel to a new place or destination.

About the price, hmmm...there are many schemes for you to buy Samsung Pixon12. At least you pay £25 up to £45 monthly, depend in the services that you choose.

Samsung Pixon12 has 120 gram weight. You can say this gadget is quite light. Especially with 53 x 108 x 14 mm dimension. That's quite small, but since Samsung made it from rigid material you don't have to worry to put it in your pocket.