People needs about 8 hours a day. Well, it's normally, even some people need more or less than 8 hours. In 8 hours, let's say, only 20-30% from that time people get well sleep. The rest, well I'm not sure, maybe they got a nightmare or something happened.

Some studies said, good sleep has relation with good bed. Hmm...I'm quite agree with that study since I have experience with it. Once, I use a styrofoarm mattress for sleep, and you know what, my body feel funny each time I woke up. So, after I married, I bought a new mattress, well not exact like Memory foam mattress, but well, looks like.

The benefits of foam mattress:
1. It's quite comfort. So, I'm sure your body will get a good rest time.
2. Latex made. Well, since latex is quite rubbey but it is soft and the texture will adjust with your body.
3. Green mattress. The environment issue is getting a serious problem. Memory foam mattress tries to get the best solution, not only for human satisfy but also for environment.

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For your information, Memory foam mattress had been developed and tested by NASA Space Program, so the quality can be proven.