Today, there are many good cars in the street. The rising of gas price didn't make people stop to buy a new car (or refurbished car) for their needed.

The problem is, how you can find the right place to get your new car? Well, the simplest thing is just googling, enter the right key word, and, will find many informations. Well, the next problem, since there are many informations, how you can find the best one?

For other car, maybe it will difficult to get the 'best' information. But, for mazda , you can find it easier. Why? Since mazda is quite famous brand, especially in US.

In mazda , you can find many type of mazda , grouping by year (from 1997-2008), body (SUV, sedan, and many more), price (under US$15,000 until more than US$35,000). So, you can find the best mazda for you!

In the mazda photo gallery, you can find the pics of mazda that you want. The pics ARE NOT fake, those were captured as the car condition. So, if there are some physical damages, you can choose another car. Of course, with the better conditions.

On mazda , you also can find the reviews of each type of mazda . The reviews were written by customers, not only who satisfy with the product, but also the critics (if there is any).

In other word, in mazda , you will find the TRUTH about mazda .

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