I played poker once with my friends and I found it's a difficult game, at least for me, among other card games. Well, we played without any bid, since we don't like involve bidding in our card games, so poker not identic with gambling. Some people did it, and I don't care about them anyway. *wink*

Recently, I want to learn again about poker but I don't know where I can learn this game, until I found this Poker Rooms. Hmmm...I click the site and I think I found the good 'mentor'.

Well, in Poker Rooms, you will play poker with other players which you never know, since Poker Rooms allows players from anywhere. You don't have to come to a place or room and play poker with your friends. Through this Poker Rooms, probably you will have a new friend.

This Poker Rooms will teach you how to learn poker, from beginner until a pro, it depends on your skill as well. You also can find other challenges and help here, such as some great tournament action, to help anyone interested in playing poker on the internet, game tips and rules are provided.

For you who want to gamble, this Poker Rooms also provides.

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