As a blogger, I want to be more popular everyday. There are 3 ways to be more popular in blogosphere:
1. Write a VERY popular article.
Hmm..let's see, what kind of popular article I can write? Errrr...oh my God...I can't think to make a VERY popular article. I skip this way!

2. Write down a comment (left a mark) on famous blogger.
Ok...this way maybe a good idea, better than point 1. But, how much time you spent to blogwalking and write a comment (or more) on those another bloggers' articles?

3. Exchange links.
Aha...! I found the best way! Since every blogger has their own unique address, why I forgot this feature? Maybe point 2 is similar, but this way is more effective.

Well, let's say exchange links is a best way, but what should I do? There are many sites offer exchange links, but which is the best?

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