Today, blog is becoming part of internet. We can say it as one of most marvelous discovery beside social network website.

There are many ways to create a blog, from free hosting until the paid one.

From many free blog provider, they are only providing blog facility, not more! It means, you only can posting your article, add photos, videos. That's all! Now, we can find those addition facilites in any free blog provider, so there is no added value (or benefit) for bloggers.

But it is yesterday!!

Forum is providing not only free blog for you. It is also provide forum facility for bloggers who register their blogs on it.

What is the benefit of forum? Well, sometimes, some bloggers wrote hot issues on their blogs. The comments, of course, will be flooded, especially if the article is related with religion or faith.

Forum facility will help the bloggers to create a specific forum for their articles. Through this facility, the debate, or maybe flamming things, can be continued without disturbe the article with 'non-sense' comments.

This facility can be said as a new innovation on blogosphere. So, what are you waiting for? Register to this site and enjoy the forum facility.