I just found about this about 1 month ago. It started when somebody gave one portable application link, FireFox Portable.

After I installed this FFP into my flash disk, I realized how useful portable application is.
1. You don't have to install into your desktop/laptop. You just install it into your flash disk.
2. Quite small size. Well, maybe almost as big as the desktop version...actually.tongue
3. You can save and bring your personal information anywhere. So, I don't need to put another username and password when I want to login.

Recently, I just installed FFP into my flashdisk, 'cos it is the most important application for me right now. I've had seen other portable applications, maybe they will be usefull. You can download them if you like:
- Opera Portable
- Eudora
- Pegasus Mail
- GTalk
- Trilian
- WebDownloader
- Winamp
- Open Office
- Notepad ++
- Gimp Portable
- SQL Lite
- Windows XP Portable

Happy download and install them...big grin