Well...since couple days ago, I must reduce my junking, my blogging and blog-walking activities. Of course, there's some reasons and explanations for it. First, and the main reason is, my job scope is bigger than before. I must prepare some demos for a new client candidate...deliver problems from client, discuss with my boss to solve those, asking developers to rebuild and do some changes, and finally apply the updates into client's system.whew!

Second, the internet connection. Since my office got the flood...until today there's no internet connection. Even I can connect to internet in warnet (warung internet), but warnet's speed is not quite enough fast. Well...I don't know what line/provider they use...but the speed is 'only' about 2-3 kbps. Can you imagine that...??? IN WARNET, I GOT ONLY 2-3 KBPS!!!feeling beat up

So I couldn't junking, blogging and blog-walking as usual. The priority, if I got connection, just check my main email and read some news. Even to update this blog, I got problem on it....since the speed is quite limited, I couldn't open google properly....and open the blogger.com as well.crying

I guess...since now I must put a high priority for my job...since my position is an account manager...it is 'time' to get more busy about work...couldn't junking, blogging and blog-walking as much as before. But, if the salary is not increasing based on my load....seems I must re-thinking to move into other company.whistlingdevil