After I blogwalked to some blogs on last week end, I found a new thing on their blogs. They put a new accessories on their blog. The accessories is linked to So, couple days ago, I registered this blog into

You can see the changes on this blog, on right below.

So far, after I explore for a while, I found these features:
1. It almost the same like friendster.
You can create a blog community...add and invite your reader into your community.

2. Statistics.
If you login into, you can see the statistics about what users are clicking on your site. Since doesn't provide stats feature, I think this stat feature from mybloglog is very useful. Well...I have already put a counter and stat feature in these blog...but those seem not quite enough.

Couple days, after I registered, I checked my login in When I clicked on stats, it showed me the quite complete stats status as the pics below.
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As you can see, the stat info is quite useful. We can see the readers came from, what page that they opened, and what links they clicked.

Well...I hadn't finished explore the feature of MyBlogLog, maybe you whom had already registered can add some comments about the feature of MyBlogLog.

Don't be hesitate to register to MyBlogLog and join in my community.batting eyelashes