Well...since I migrated to a new system of blogger, actually I hope I can blog more enjoyable. But, recently I found, at least, 2 bugs on new version of blogger.com.

1. Bug on The Editor
You can find a problem in the editor when you try to write a couple of 'kurung siku' (indonesian). You can see the example on the pics below.

As you can see...when you type a couple of 'kurung siku' char in HTML mode, it will disappear when we change the editor into COMPOSE mode. Well...I know, the 'kurung siku' will be recognized as TAG. So, the editor will convert EVERY couple 'kurung siku' into a tag...whatever the word/sentence that is written between.

The common solution is, you must change the 'kurung siku' char into html char type. So I change the left 'kurung siku' as < and the right with >. You must type those chars in HTML mode.

If the editor is consistent, it must change < and > into left and right 'kurung siku'. But, the editor will preview those as they are...< and >.

For the detail, see the pics below.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

2. Unchangeable Link
What I mean here is the permanent link. This permanent link is created automatically once you publish your article. Usually, the permanent link will have (almost) the same with the title of article. In previous blogger.com system, if you create an article but you want to change the title after you publish it, the system will change the permanent link as well....automatically.

But, in the new blogger.com, you MUST change WHOLE thing...in other words, you must create a new article with a new title. It seems, new blogger.com adapted a similar system from blogsome.com. In blogsome.com, if you want to change the permanent link, you must change the POST SLUG field.

In new blogger.com, I still can't find out how to change this POST SLUG thing.sadI don't know!

Well...the other things of new blogger.com are:
1. Blogger Custom Domains
This feature is useful for you, if you buy a domain and publish your (new) blog by your domain. For example, I buy mfahmia2705.net and I want to redirect my blog on blogger.com into my domain, this feature can help. The good things is THIS FEATURE IS FREE (for now).party

2. A Flexible Template
Well...I don't use this feature, yet. But, I can explore form id-en blog, this feature is quite interesting to be explored...'cos I see this feature will help the blog owner to modify and customized the appearance of their blog with sophisticated technology.

Maybe later I will change template of this blog...'cos in my opinion, the current template is quite good.hee hee

3. Label Feature
For you whom use blogsome.com, this feature is similar with CATEGORY. The difference with blogsome.com is, in blogger.com the label will show you how many postings with the label on it.

My blog uses tag on the title of article, 'cos in previous system of blogger.com, this feature hadn't available. But, even blogger.com provides label feature, I WILL NOT remove the tag. The reason is my blog seeder can see the category of my recent article without visit my blog to see the article label. Well...MAYBE, in the future I will remove it....MAYBE.whistling

4. Access Control
With this feature, you can 'hide' your blog from other people to be read. You can invite/choose people that you allow to read your blog.

5. Contributor
We can find
the same feature on Blogsome.com. So, this feature is NOT a new feature for me.whistling
6. New Concept of Confirmation Email
In old system, there is ONE email (comment) confirmation for each reader. In the new system, blogger.com grouped it...based on day and the articles (in other word, in multiple view). You can see the example below...
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I hope this article is useful for youhee hee