First time I heard this job description, I thought it is related with financial...'cos I thought it related with accounting. But actually, according my experience, job description of the words mean a person become 'a bridge' between client and the company.

This job is ALMOST similar with Project Manager, but it has wider responsibility and authority. An account manager is a REPRESENTATIVE for the company, because he/she must able to explain and must responsible with EVERY COMPANY'S PRODUCTS. In other words, his/her must have good knowledge about those products, not only how they works, but also every single thing about them, such as the error, know how to solve problem (not only error), can give solutions, and many more.

An account manager's job is also attending a meeting with client. He/she must gather what client's needs, give solutions, documenting every meeting (create meeting notulensi), give report to his/her supervisor- Then, he/she discussing with a project manager about the plan, and give the PM job lists about problem (usually about application errors) to be solved by developer.

For ideal jobs and better result, an account manager, a project manager, a business analyst, and a documenting must be in charged by a person on each position. But, today, I must take care of those you can imagine, how busy I am.whistling

So, don't wonder if sometimes you see me in a 'linglung' conditions, because the responsibilities and works load is quite heavy and give me a headache.

Too bad, my salary is not increase...not equal with my responsibilities and works load...crying