First of all, happy new year 2007 for all readers and visitors ( ambiguetongue) of this blog. Forget all failures in 2006, try to analyze the cause, and I hope in this year we succeed some objectives that couldn't be achieved last year. Also, we can set new objectives in this year and succeed to reach those.happy

Well...since couple weeks ago, I updated some features in this blog (template).

First, I updated some links. Some readers' and commenters' links had been added and updated, because some of them had new 'home address'. Please take a look on the list, for a moment, see whether your name is listed there. Don't forget, if your name is in there, write down this blog link on your blog. big grin

Second, I added some pictures on aggregators where this blog is linked, Planet Blogger and Id Gmail.

Third, I put a new see how many person(s) online (read) on this blog. You can see this feature in this right down, exact below the tracker.

Last thing, a good news for everyone who love modify their blog, I modify my drop down combo box. I use that component for put my friends' and commentators' blog list. In the beginning, this component has a weakness...after we choose a link, the page will appear in same window. So, with my friend's help, I modified it and now it works great...big grin *credit to Fariz*

I will write the modifying process in the next articles...xixii...whistling