Well...some of you may notice that on opening page of this blog, there is a "Selengkapnya..." on each article. With this feature, I can post a preview for long article, without sacrifice the comfortable of this blog readers.whistling For a reader, he/she can click the link to see the complete article. Otherwise, he/she ignore the article.

In some blog sites, such as blogsome.com and wordpress.com, this feature is a default. But, for blogspot, we must doing some modifications.

Are you ready to modify your blogspot blog?winking

First thing, BACKUP your template. On your dashboard, click "Change Settings" then choose "Template". You will see your CURRENT template. Open a new document on text editor (Notepad, Edit Plus, Ultra Edit, or else) then copy paste your current template on that document. Save your template on a safe place, give a name on it...such as [date]-my_template.txt.

Second, change your blog setting. From Settings ==> Archiving ==> Enable Post Pages? Change from"No"to "Yes".

Third, let's play with your template... Copy paste your current template in a NEW document. We will use and modify this template...and if our modification succeed, you can save and use this template as your new template. Let's give name NGOPREK_TEMPLATE.TXT (you don't have to write with capital letterwhistling).

Well...let's go back to our topic...

Four, on ngoprek_template.txt, copy this tag into your template.
span.fullpost {display:none;}

span.fullpost {display:inline;}

BE CAREFUL, do this action (copy paste tag) between <style> and </style>. My recommendation, better you put that tag RIGHT AFTER <style>, so you can easily find.

Five, find this tag, <$BlogItemBody>, then copy paste this tag, right below the tag.

<MainOrArchivePage><br />
<a href="<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>">Baca Selengkapnya...</a>

This is the end of our modification on ngoprek_template.txt. SAVE this changes...then COPY PASTE into your template...change your current template with new template.

Six, to publish your article with "Baca Selengkapnya...", when you write an article, put this tag into your article...
<span class="fullpost">rest of article.</span>

For example...


You want to publish only BLA BLA BLA....BLA BLA BLA...., so you must type as follow:
BLA BLA BLA....BLA BLA BLA....<span class="fullpost">BLE BLE BLE....</span>

Once you publish, you will see only BLA BLA BLA....BLA BLA BLA.... appear, and when you click "Selengkapnya...", you will see the rest article, BLE BLE BLE....

NOTE: you must write in HTML MODE to apply this feature (a 'new' tag).

Have a nice try... big grin