Well...since today, I will post, at least, 2 articles in English in a week. There are many reasons why I 'should' post articles in English...
1. Improve my English ability.
Previously, I had already created a mailing list, id-en. On that group, we are 'junking' in English. For some members, maybe it quite annoying, because they will receive many 'junk' postings on there. But, as the goal of the mailing list, to improve your English, I think 'junking' is the best method, because you can posting everything that you want (as long as not a spam posting) in English. So, basically, you are forced to write your 'feeling' in English.

Back to my reason...
After I junking in id-en, I think it's the time for me to post something (more) useful ***really hope so***. So, here, in my (narcist) blog, I try to post my daily activities in English.

Some person make a joke with "Blogging in English" statement. They said, it is difficult for Indonesian to Blogging in English, since we must go to English first...hahaha...what kind of joke....dzigh

2. To extend my readers
Couple months ago, a comment appeared on this blog ***or an email, I forgot***. The sender said, in English, he noticed this blog always publish an interesting (and up to date) article related with Indonesian ativities. ***sorry, I don't save the email...***

Based on that comment, I realized that some foreigner read this blog. Maybe they get this blog from searching a topic. But when they read the article (that related with a topic) maybe they dissapointed because the article is written in Indonesian. It means, they can't explore the topics further.

3. Put Ad-Sense
Well...from those 2 reasons above, maybe the 3rd reason is the main reasoncekikikan. AFAIK, Google only allow blog with English containts to put their ad sense. Since I notice there are many visitors in this blog, I think it's time to put add value on this blog.

So, I hope, after I put ad-sense here, don't be hesitate to click on in....well...by clicking the ad-sense, it means you help me by give me a dollar....mata duitan

Well...my English maybe is not quite good, yet...so, I need your comment (preferable in English) to help me improving my English...by correcting or give advice about the article.