HATI2...tukang eksploitasi paling menyebalkan akan datang.. Kali ini, negara kita yg akan dieksploitasi...setelah sebelumnya Sumanto juga dieksploitasi oleh stasiun tv.whistling

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"Precious! Precious oil! We takes the precious, then we be the master! Kill them! Kill them all!"

Hahhahaha! Oh, my poor Gollum. He doesn't even deserve this.. It's a bit unfair to Gollum! I found this pic from a journal. I think this post is relevant to his plan to visit Bogor, Indonesia. With two helipads in Kebun Raya Bogor (Hello!), and with some soldiers with machine guns on the streets. Bush must be a super celebrity.


*kredit untuk Trinie*