Pagi ini, gw dapat email dari temen gw yg kerja di Pertamina. Isinya mengenai forward adanya orang 'hilang'.

Berikut cuplikan emailnya:
Dear Team

Ini missing personnya ABN AMRO, Ms. Citra Dewi, receptionist ABN AMRO Cabang Kemang yang tidak ditemukan sejak 23 Desember 2005 pada saat akan berangkat ke kantor mengendarai taxi.

Beware, bagi rekan-rekan yang mengendarai taxi, make sure taxi terdaftar.

Thank you,


Dear Colleagues, This is to inform you that one of our temporary staff in Kemang Branch, Citra Sari Dewi, has been missing since Friday 23 Dec 2005. Her last known whereabout is at her temporary accommodation (renting a room) at Jl. Rawasari Selatan I No 27 Jakarta Pusat.

She was seen leaving for work at 06.00 WIB. After that, no one, including her family and friends, has any idea about her whereabouts.
On Saturday, her relatives had already made the missing person report at the Police Office Polda Metro Jaya Sektor Johar Baru. PT Persael, the employer of Citra, has contacted PT Bravo Satria Perkasa, a security services provider, to help them find Citra.

ABN AMRO is also
providing help by contracting PT Security Solutions Asia (SSA) for the same purpose. Both parties have begun searching for Citra using gathered information from her colleagues at ABN AMRO Bank, her family, and the owner of her resident.

The attached is Citra's photograph.
(Embedded image moved to file: pic03430.jpg) Citra is 153 cm in height, 50 kg in wight, white skin, dark brown eyes, with long straight brownish black hair.

For any of you who has any idea about her whereabouts, or can give any information of any kind, please contact one of the following:

John Latuharhary (PT SSA) 0813-11090013

Feti (PT Persael) 0815-11271117

Andreas (HRD) 0816-1814318

Wawa (Kemang Branch) 0816-709403

Risma (Kemang Branch) 0811-880826

Thank you for your help.

Maya Kartika
Head of Human Resources
[pengirim] ga tau apakah ini hoax atau bukan...tapi temen gw itu menyertakan fotonya. Kalo ditilik2, kok mirip Golda ya?? :p

Ada yg bisa bantu barangkali???