Hip hip huraaayyyyy....:D
Sabtu sore, saat aku cek account junkers.gendeng di grup id gmail, ternyata sudah bisa posting new subject. ITU BERARTI AKU TIDAK DISUSPEND LAGI, HOREEEEE...:D

Ternyata saran dari Azil emang mantap (thx2Azil), email ke um gugel, jelaskan bahwa id gmail adalah milis SUPER HIGH TRAFFIC. Tapi, sebelumnya, utk pelampiasan kekesalanku, aku ngemail (ngejunk) sampe 6 (ENAM) kali dengan kategori "How Do I..." dan "Technical Problem". Ternyata dapat balasan 6 surat cinta dariku membuat um gugel gerah dan nyerah, mengaktifkan kembali accountku, hahaha...:D (meski English acak2an, cuek lah...toh akhirnya ngerti juga tuh orang, ahahha....)

Tapi, yang mfahmia2705@gmail.com tidak akan aku request utk aktif kembali. Sudah cukup (dan benar) bahwa email utk ngejunk mesti dipisahkan, agar jangan sampai terjadi aku salah kirim/posting, bisa berabe ntar :D

Berikut respond dari um gugel:
Hi Fahmi,

Thank you for your note. We've reset your account, and you should be able to post now.

Please keep in mind that there are a few ways in which posting frequency is limited. One limits the number of messages posted to a single group within a short period of time. If that limit is reached, posting to that group will be frozen temporarily and you'll be instructed to post again later.

Another limits the number of messages a single user can post via email in a short period of time. If that limit is reached, your posting account will be disabled. As you know, if your account has been disabled, you can email us and request that your account be reactivated. We'll review your request, and let you know what we decide.

We may also limit the number of messages a single user or computer can post via our website in a short period of time. If that limit is reached, posting will be frozen temporarily and you'll be instructed to post again later.

Please note, we are unable to provide the exact numbers that trigger these posting limits as the limits are subject to change.

These limits are to protect the users of our service and their email accounts, our groups, and the Usenet community from poorly configured auto-responders, spammers, robots, and trolls.

The Google Team

Original Message Follows:
From: fahmi.junkers.gendeng@gmail.com
Subject: suspend term
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2005 12:51:05 -0000

hi there...:)

I joined a mailing list, id gmail, which based on your service, groups-beta.google.com. The posting traffice in there is very very high..more than 300-500 postings a day can be delivered to the members, because we talked about (almost) everything.

Recently, I got this message:
"You have recently posted more messages than Google Groups allows in a given time period. You will not be allowed to post until you contact customer support."
after I login to the groups.

Well...I know I posted too much, but with the traffic on the mailing list, I think its a normal condition to post more than 10 or even 50 messages a day.

Sir/Madam, I need my account to post to the mailing list, so I need your help to recover my account from suspend term. PLEASEEEEEE....I need this account (fahmi.junkers.gendeng@gmail.com) to be an active member as I used to be.

Thanks alot



IssueType: Bug
Language: en
GroupsLocale: en