Last 2 days is the 'babak belur' day..:p

1st in working... There is still a conflict in team... After meeting, decided to change the database, I could see 2 developers not satisfy with mr Haz's decision... He only give 10 days to change database, make correction in it, revise the UI and make sure it works properly as before.

I couldn't blame them, 'cos they want to resign, I'm sure their motivation is in the lowest point they have ever had.

And then yesterday, the conflict was between me + EM vs HA + HY. HA want to rebuild database manually...otherwise, I try the automatic, but unfortunately I couldn't find the tools, Platinum ERWIN. I have it, but in Bandung..:p Lucky, some friends suggest to use visio EA edition. After couple hours and try and error, I can rebuild the database with minimize mistakes to be made :) thx to Mooi and Midi :)

After I know the tricks, I try to pursuade HA. Alhamdulillah, it works...but he didn't guarantee to finish the application 'til the end. After 1st implement and testing, they're two will resign from the office...:(

Nothing I can do...
Hanya saja, keputusan untuk mengubah database membuatku merasa aku MEMANG dibutuhkan perusahaan...belum lagi ajakan boss utk ikut ketemu (calon) client :)

the second bad thing is my spectacles is broken..!! :('s only 6 months!!! just 1/12 life time from my previous spectacles...:p
so, prepare the money to buy a new one..!! :p

lainnya, cuape banget persiapan toefl dan ngurus2 beasiswa...namanya juga perjuangan...semoga niatnya udah bener dan ALLOH kabulkan :)

Friday...BOLOS KERJAAAAAA...!! :p
ngurus pasport dan toefl...
doakan sukses yach?? :)

wassalamu'alaykum wr wb