assalamu'alaykum wr wb

This happened yesterday...err...actually Wednesday night. I go home to Bandung, to process my passport on Thursday. But only that, I want to finish/accomplish all my business in Bandung, especially with my old office, that still doesn't want to pay MY MONEY..!! :( what the heck...?!

when I came home, I found my little cat, the funniest one, seem so sick, suffering and in pain. I asked my family and this condition has happened for 2 days.. :( My brother has brought her to animal doctor, but nothing the doctor could do, 'cos he couldn't find the cause of pain. So, I try to make her relax, by stroking her body on the shirt..white and clean one. Before that, I gave her milk...Dunno why, but the cat seemed try to refuse to drink it.. :(

Finally I found the source of her pain, but her breath seems not good anymore... I know, soon or later she will gone...But I am still trying my best...try to bright her up, even her condition was so bad.. And I KNOW, SHE WILL GONE SOON, after I saw her sleep style. She avoid her big sister that mothering her since she was born. What I can do was just praying, ask ALLOH for the best for her.. ;'(

Thursday morning 'til noon, I was occupied by many things. Passport, TOEFL, present, made me forgot for a while about my cat.. I realized when I asked permit to my parents to go back to jakarta. The good thing is (I just realized) I am not too sad when I heard my cat died...but, frankly, I can't hide my pain, so sad..:(

Alhamdulillah, passport almost done. I was taken my picture, but the result is SO BAD :p The 'bad' thing is my TOEFL. My score is still about 520 :( but it's fine.. so I MUST STUDY HARDER :)

The final thing, like my title, is my dream.
I will write in Indonesian, 'cos hmmm...write in English will face many difficulties to explain the situation :p
"So, gue ngimpi ketemu Nenek (ibu dari Bapak). Di situ, ada Bapak dan Mama juga. Yg gue inget dari mimpi gue, waktu itu gue mo keluar dari rumah, dah deket pintu, dan mereka ber-3 duduk di kursi panjang.

Gue dah bawa ransel, dan banyak perlengkapan, seperti orang yang hendak bepergian jauh, dunno where..:p Lalu Bapak bilang."Mi, jangan lupa, minta ijin dan pamit dulu sama Nenek..."

"Oh ya... Nek, Amik pamit pergi.."sahutku ke Nenek sambil cium tangan, as always.
Nenek senyum, memandangku dan berkata,"Ya sudah..hati-hati aza ya.."

Aku terbangun dan sejenak tertegun dengan mimpiku ini... APA MAKNANYA?? Aku packing dalam rangka apa? Berangkat ke luar negeri? Tapi beasiswa tidak/belum aku dapat. So...?? Banyak hal berkecamuk dalam pikiranku. Dan akhirnya aku sms Oeng, minta Bapak dan Mama doakan aku (lebih) banyak lagi :)

Friday morning, I called home. And my father try to explain the dream... My parents encourage me that INSYA ALLOH my dream is a good expectation for my future (in 2005). Maybe I will get scholarship...amin :)

I spent this day by attending a presentation, met my friend, Unto, and finishing my remains jobs...

I'm still praying (a lot) to ask ALLOH for granted my obsession, studying abroad...insya ALLOH...amin :)

wassalamu'alaykum wr wb