Yesterday is a chaos day, since my client decided to change the structure of database...!! Many of tables were changed by him, especially the position of Primary Key. Since then, the aplication was not working at all, 'cos, well, you know, it impact many things, the codings...!! :(

I argued with my developer team, and I can't blame 'em, 'cos the client is so SUDDEN changing the database, without my permission/Praisindo's permission. Beside, why did he change it just yesterday? Why not from the beginning?? :(

So, yesterday night, I ALMOST desperate... I just ask ALLOH to help me...geez...:(

Anyway, there is a good thing...!! ;-)

My friend was offering me a new job in his company...perhaps as PM also... BUT, I re-thinking first... I will ask salary double from now...if the accept, I COULD BE move from here...:p

Well, why I ask double from now, 'cos the company is quite establish, and the boss(es) are chinese, so they MUST have money more and more...;-)

Today I must make a sample of letter for make a passport and recommendation letter for apply scholarship :)

Ya ALLOH, please GRANTED my wish ;-)